Please Do Something!

by Dylikt

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released March 17, 2015

Puma Berg - Vocals
Axel Fagerberg - Vibraphone
Andreas Granér - Bass
Lisa Grotherus - Bass Clarinet
Erik Hansson - Alt Saxophone, Composer, Engineer, Glasses, Guitars, Organs, Percussion, Producer, Vocals
Helen Legeby - Flute
Matilda Mård - Vocals
Sara Parkman - Violin
Joakim Pirinen - Artwork
Unknown Sahrawi - Vocal Melody
Mattias Valenca - Engineer, Mixer, Producer
Gustav Zimmerman - Drums



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Dylikt Sweden

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Track Name: Free Western Sahara!
There's an unsolved conflict
far away
There's a hopeless future
far away
No one seems to care when it's too
far away

When there is no drama
to be seen
When there are no bullets
to be seen
When there is no threats to our ways
to be seen

They have been displaced for
40 years
They've refused a war for
20 years
No one seems to care when days have
turned to years

Born in lifeless desert
No way out
Born without a passport
No way out
Born with parents' sufferings passed on
No way out

There's no seed you can grow
in the sand
There's no work to be done
with the sand
Nothing can be done when you're stuck
in the sand

Far away from them is
normal life
Close to them are dreams of
normal life
Where you could become someone is
normal life

This is similar to
but what's different from
is that they have tried what folks tell

People use to say 'Two
start a fight'
and 'It always turns worse
with a fight'
but look what happens then when they choose
not to fight

I don't think a war is
what will do
but soon there's no option
if we do
still think taking stand is what we
cannot do

There is one solution
far away
if we start to feel for
far away
but no one seems to care when it's too
far away
Track Name: Poseur Fink
How can social markers
achieve any change?
Yes, you make your statement
You prove there's a way
And then what?

You're speaking of choices
that's only up to you
But no, it doesn't matter
what you like to consume
'cause then what?

Yes, there is awareness
We know what's right and wrong
and yet we maintain the system
by making it a one-man-show
You know what?
Belt up!
You know what
to be done:
asking 'What
can be done?'
WE know what
Track Name: Endless Growth
What has the word 'enough'
come to mean to me?
All I feel is exhaustion
overwrought, still drained
'cause always it's not enough;
that word means "in vain"