What Will Happen?

by Dylikt

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released April 12, 2016

Puma Berg - Cups, Vocals
Anton Bergendahl - Trombone
Adam Grauman - Bass, Viola da Gamba
Erik Hansson - Alto Saxophone, Arrangements, Bass, Composition, Guitar, Lyrics, Keyboards, Vocals
Gustav Holmqvist - Electric Piano
Axel Jonsson-Stridbeck - Engineer, Guitar, Mixer, Production, Soundscape
Anna Möller - Violin
Jakob Runevad Kjellmer - Tenor Saxophone
Gustav Zimmermann - Drums, Percussion



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Dylikt Sweden

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Track Name: Else
Someone else has been into my head lately
A loop of thinking the same thing over again sedately
Someone else has forced me to consider who I am
Someone else but you

Somewhere else I thought those feelings should have gone by this time
Somewhere else those feelings belong, not to the realm of mine
They were never under my control back then, they should be
Somewhere else with you

No one else have done this to my sense of lonely despair
No one else should do this to my sense of lonely despair
No one else can do this to my sense of lonely despair
No one else but you
Track Name: Levinas
Well let us say that to perform a moral action can be likened to encountering a face
This is the face of someone you are not depending on; of someone you can not exact a praise
Where this
does not count
The only thing that matters is the meeting with a soul whose character you can't expect to trace

The face demands you then to make a hard decision whether you will help the Other or deny
You can't require the same favor from the Other in return and guarantee what then comes by
What then
does not count
If you decide to meet the eyes and help the Other, then you do submit what's called a risk, hereby

You will loose control

There are a lot of ethic guidelines that will tell you to apply a set of rules to follow through
this act is unique and exempt from reciprocity and therefor it's irrational for you

Well let us say that to perform a moral action can be likened to the act of caring love
Responsibility precedes the searching after truth and you can't keep a catch on those you love
That it
that's what counts
So let your eyes drown in the eyes you now are facing and accept that to be moral is to love:

You will loose control
Track Name: Golden Age Pervert
Why these longings for a return?
Why try curbing with a return?
Why not asking how come it's here we are?

When would it have started “go wrong”?
When to say it starts to “go wrong”?
When will we get that all before was wrong?

How to fix what has brought us here?
How to get us out of what's here?
Well, let's start with something completely new
Track Name: Next Step
It's only going to get worse
Soon the killings will begin
It seems like people's compassion
Blossoms like novelty
And that it's something to cultivate
As to make people hate

I am afraid of what will happen

The good has never been achieved
Through discovery, but through struggle
But now I see the need to find new tools
In order to engage and maintain
We need to rub it in: The emergency
Is the most important
I've had enough of debates whether what is the right path to choose
Still I don't know what to do

Won't someone help them?
Who is in charge here?
What are the options?
What is the context?
Who is the bad guy?
Who are the good guys?
Are we the good guys?
Are we the bad guys?
Won't someone fight now?
Who is supposed to?
What is the right way?
What makes the real change?
What is constructive?
Or reproductive?
This is so complex!
What is the help then?
Who is the 'someone'?
Who needs the help first?
How is the order?
Who needs to speak up?
Who needs to shut up?
What is too forceful?
What is too bourgeois?
I find it so hard!
I find it so hard!
I find it so hard!
I find it so hard!
Won't someone help me?
Won't someone help them?
Won't someone help us?
Won't someone do it?

I am afraid of what will happen