"Erik Hansson"

by Dylikt

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released May 17, 2011

Written and Arranged by Erik Hansson
Produced and Mastered by Mattias Dünkelberg Valenca
Artwork by Gustaf G Lindström

Puma Berg - Cello, Vocals
Hanna Elvmyren - Flute
Erik Hansson - Arrangements, Bass, Bouzouki, Cello, Compositions, Engineer, Guitar, Keyboard, Mbira, Organ, Producer, Saxophone, Ukulele, Vocals
Gustav Holmqvist - Bass, Double Bass, Engineer, Mixer, Producer, Vocals
Sara Larsson - Vocals
Ted Hörberg Pihl - Engineer, Grand Piano, Mixer
Wilhelm Lindqvist - Drums
Gustav Lindström - Artwork, Saxophone, Vocals
Melody Lovelin - Vocals
Matilda Mård - Vocals
Sara Parkman - Violin
Nils Pyk - Percussion
Pontus Qviberg - Guitar
Mikael Sahlsten - Accordion
Frida Svanberg - Vocals
Mattias Valenca - Bass, Drumbeats, Effects, Engineer, Mixer, Producer, Vocals
Viktor Wennlund - Vocals
Norma Wikström - Theremin
Lisa Ullén - Grand Piano



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Track Name: Swing it!!1 naturalists
Wake up sleepy Baudelaire
Your sweet sarcasm could match to describe this affair
‘cause I’ve tried so hard

They’re all tied down
they’re all stunned
Chinese horses
will never be able to run
but they’ve tried so hard

I couldn’t believe what I actually saw
when I turned around the corner and
got stuck inside the drawer

Chicken for Donald would just be the same
as this hypnogogic sensation
“I’ll do it for art and to depict the fame”
the duck said and claimed Revelation
If dogs are upstairs trying to elevate
he’ll shoot them to provide their failure
they’re attempting their dreams;
to make holes in the roof
get mobile in thoughts like a sailor
but who cares for art when we’re trying to sleep
(Who cares?)
ignoring the fact that a chicken
(Do you?)
is served in the house? The dogma is obvious
dogs’ though are dogma, just thicker
Inside the drawer but outside the screen
holes in the floor could be useful
(Hold me)
I will start on Monday, by weaving some sails
(I will)
and I’m sure that the sight will be awful
(be awful)
Track Name: Homage to baron denier
Did you mention that you
have perfect pitch
and played the trombone
with these famous opera singers
Back in the thirties you appeared
as an acrobat in the parks
and you enjoy
being at the healthy age of eighty
of course you are proud

And you are a licensed magician
With over three thousand
Registered tricks
and your wife died of cancer

If it wasn’t for you
that principal
character would never
have dared to enter the stage
Your lectures about Arthur Doyle
were extremely appreciated
And you are on
your way upstairs ‘cause
these directors
want to use your scripts
of course you are proud

And you deny that alcoholism
could be classified as
a real disease
since you recover so damn well from it

And you despise those jealous scum
who haven’t achieved
any magnificence
compared to your urge to tell us all this
Track Name: Failed Verfremdungseffekt (Body Parts Dance Remix)
I don’t actually
think I’m sure I have got
this deal straight
It could have been
necessary with a
Has this relationship become
some kind of codependency?

I have actually
never asked for their
neither of their
I think it’s not supposed to be
some kind of codependency

I can’t actually
imagine comfort
without them
It’s horrifying that I
at the same time
feel insecure in their
I have to admit it could be
some kind of codependency

I’ve been through taming
quite a heap but the
only ones I’m
allowed to keep
is my own

They seem actually
to be everywhere
to most of the actions that
influence and
structure my needs and dreams;
It wasn’t me, I can’t call of
this brutal codependency

What makes you think that I would be
able to be so certain about the
consequences of physical actions
performed by such a sensitive machinery?
I always used to think Words are the deconstructors
of my attempts to create a
fixed point in my imagination and
transform solitude to sanctuary, but
obviously I have underestimated the
wonderful and frightening possibilities – powers –
of fingers
Unlike them, these fellows limit
your own capacity to comprise
the textures of your flesh.
And such a vocabulary;
button up
You’ve got the point, grab your marvellous opportunities
‘cause here they are!
Track Name: Joakim Pirinen (+ It's nothing wrong being homosexual, so please stop calling me that")
Once Whitehead said; “Everything of importance
has been said before
by someone who did not discover it”
That phrase could sum up the dilemma of
my generations attempts to acc-
ept the need of knowledge that’s tacit
Do you follow?

Well, I could try to redefine my thesis
if you’ll take the time
My English makes me come of as a dork
but when I am pretentious, yes it happens
time to time, I have to screw myself
through patience until I cork
Do you follow?

All these stories we consume and then
recycle to consume
again creates future biographies
It’s almost strange the fact that even I
have to discover these
moments with emotions I have to feel

By now I have an understanding what it would be like
to go through my first menstruation,
haggis or divorce
To loose my firstborn in a fire, to be retired, hired, fired Fire!
Still experience burns like a torch
So when she told me that I was her biggest fan and
at the same time biggest
idol my ego had a ball
That simple statement proved to me
there’ll never be a guarantee
which clichés will strike hardest over all
Do you follow?
Track Name: TETRIS.
Maybe I didn’t want to stay home tonight on my own
But lately I can’t see the difference of my expectations
between these constant conclusions of gazes, jokes and bottles
and this monotone much cheaper tabula rasa
So I’ll fill it
I’ll fill in

If there were an activity that’s significant it would be masturbation
It’s always the same end; you know that at last you will loose
And if I’m going to be honest, that’s kind of a comfort
This cycle of growth

But I find it weird that though I have straighten all pieces of you in my mind
Nothing erases, and still more parts appear, coming down
And I know that there’s no such simple liberation, like a defeat
But at the same time I know that the sum of all substance is constant
So I’ll fill it
I fill in
Track Name: :(
What are we going to do
With this common sense
Who never cooperates to be categorized
Let’s put it in a cage
A cage with glass walls
And we would polish it each day
From recent scribbled lines

We would make diagnoses
On its ambivalent behaviour
Treat it with genetic engineering
Force it to compete in some
Japanese game show with celebrities
And then analyze the results

While the feelings are running wild and free
On the streets
Crumble people’s self-esteem into mosaics
Of self-confidence

The answer and solution was
Never to be found in a fruit from the tree
The harvest only contained some Apple products

This post-modern society
wasn’t supposed to produce nihilists
But what could you expect
when they broke up your fourth wall
And decorated the whole room
with the shards, those shards
and turned it into a mirror

and I’ll be your mirror
I’ll be your mirror”