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by Dylikt

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released October 17, 2012

Written and Arranged by Erik Hansson
Produced and Mastered by Mattias Dünkelberg Valenca
Artwork by Gustaf G Lindström

Anders Eriksson - Bass
Erik Hansson - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Keyboard, Bass, Saxophone, Whistle
Agnes Kågström - Keyboard
Wilhelm Lindqvist - Drums, Congas
Sara Parkman - Violin, Whistle
Marta Pettersson - Vocals
Pontus Qviberg - Guitar
Jakob Runevad Kjellmer - Saxophone
Mattias Valenca - Engineer, Mixer, Producer



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Dylikt Sweden

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Track Name: Beach Curl, Never Let Me Down
There’s a clue
I don’t know where to find it
Even if I try to trans-
late and bend the sentences
in the very same
way that
you went when you ex-
pressed it

Thought I’d learned
not take it to proportions
where I gamble confirmat-
ion for truth; galloping hoof is
spinning faster
neither forth nor back
but it makes base quake
So far I can’t say
I know you well enough
to be this stunned by
who you are instead by
distinguishments seen through
but I am more
afraid than I’m flattered
how could this be that you
went home with me

First of all; you’re almost pathetically older than me,
you have a decent career and a marvellous perspective to all these
traps which make people take themselves way too seriously,
what are my chances? but

It’s absurd
I am heading for the south now
I was forced to make up a
friend of mine as source of lie
to obscure the fact
that this act
had no mature

Though except
for that night
there has been no
juncture IRL to tell if
hope is due
or if you’re cruel
only killing time
like you use to

Calm down
Calm down

Can’t believe
that you invite me for dinner
is this common at your age?
I thought that was step ahead but
I just realized
there’s no place
to stay the night
let’s hope for
’deus ex machina’

So far I can say
we necked twenty hours
and time to time it
seemed like you were nervous
but still I wait four days
for another mail
and I am more
afraid than I’m flattered
Only thing sure; now there’s no
turning back

Calm down
Calm down
Calm down
Calm down
Track Name: ...But The Class Dream Remained
From the bed next to your bed
cries are produced
which help me not to focus
on the exhaustion of ignoring
that lemming shaped thing
stuck inside your throat
I was prepared to face these
mental shutdowns
with no perception left for place nor time
but I did not expect

Though you are now
hardly any person at all
your moves and tone are filled with such grace and I can’t
explain why I
find this essence remaining
so comely
Track Name: My Left Wing
How to be pure?
If nothing’s holy
are opinions all polluted?

And how to get real
when all engagement seems
to heir from self-fulfillment?

How to make a stand
for what feels right
when one is ice-cold of convenience?

is based on
in these lands

Shaped to go
on your own
why should I (Why can’t you)
try to?

Fake it at least
Matter is consequences
Fuck this unease
Hope is not faith
But to be frank, you always
Have to face shame

Why care?
I’m writing songs;
that says a lot about my credit

Missed good cause
Want to press pause (Poseur)
Still it’s too late
to calculate
my moral value (Values)

What is then the option
to abandon it all?
Shaped to go
on my own
I will try my wing (Left wing)
Believe in dreams
We unite alone

Could you be my lonesome road?